Latin America Career Fair is a student led event organized by the Latin America Clubs of IESE, INSEAD and London Business School


Our Mission

We believe in the potential of Latin America and in the Region's need for talent. The amount of students turning towards the region for their career development is growing every year. In this context, the rationale of the European MBA Career Fair for Latin America is to bridge our student's interest with the need of leading companies that are giving form to the region.

Talent has always been important but now it needs to become an inseparable part of business strategy on par with technology and finance
— The Economist


  • Provide an opportunity to companies promote themselves to MBA candidates of the top 3 European business schools;
  • Provide students an opportunity to expose themselves to the leading companies of the region;
  • Create a context that allows for successful networking amongst students and companies;
  • Provide MBA candidates and companies a streamlined recruitment process on campus;
  • Facilitate a long term relationship between our schools and the companies;